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Interactive TiVo Upgrade Instructions

Get free, customized instructions for do-it-yourself TiVo upgrades.

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Other TiVo upgrade resources, in order from hard and technical to easy and more costly:

  • Hinsdale TiVo Upgrade Instructions - The original site for DIY upgraders with tons of technical info and options. Lots to read here (sells kits also).
  • These Instructions - Included in this list so you can see where we fit on the spectrum.
  • InstantCake TiVo Upgrade Software - Pay to download an image and burn to CD. Then use your PC to boot and run the software that will upgrade your new drive. Includes the TiVo image, so you can upgrade yourself even if your drive has crashed (as opposed to the two preceding options).
  • Buy a complete kit from a TiVo upgrade source. These include all parts and tools and a pre-formatted drive. Available at these online stores:
  1. WeaKnees - the TiVo Superstore
  2. DVRupgrade - the orignal TiVo upgrade vendor
  3. Hinsdale TiVo Upgrades
  4. TVRevo TiVo Upgrade kits


Some Notes:

-SUPPORT: See the WeaKnees TiVo Forums for any support issues on this site.

-This site is intended for stock TiVos. Other starting configurations may require tweaks.

- A list of files hosted on this site is here.

- This site only works for US TiVos.

- A chronology of changes to this site is posted on this TiVo Upgrade blog.

- Also check out the WeaKnees TiVo Blog.

- An upgrade won't fix a broken TiVo. If you're having TiVo problems, visit fixmytivo.com to diagnose and get TiVo repair info.

We highly recommend using AV hard drives for all DVR upgrades.

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